AccuraDX is committed to providing basic and translational researchers with tools for single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) and single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) discoveries.

The KAS-seq and keth-seq technologies were developed at The University of Chicago in the laboratory of Professor Chuan He. AccuraDX holds the exclusive license to these technologies. 

KAS-seq Seminal Publications & Summaries: 
Wu, T.; Lyu, R.; You, Q.; He, C. Kethoxal-assisted single-stranded DNA sequencing captures global transcription dynamics and enhancer activity in situ. Nat. Methods 2020, 17, 515-523. [Link to article]
Lyu, R. Behind The Paper: KAS-seq: capturing global transcription activity with kethoxal-assisted labeling. Springer Nature Protocols and Methods Community. 2020, online. [Link to article]


Lyu, R. Github KAS-pipe data analysis pipeline for KAS-seq data. [Link to github site]


Keth-seq Seminal Publication:
Weng, X.; Gong, J.; Chen, Y.; Wu, T.; Wang, F.; Yang, S.; Yuan, Y.; Luo, G.; Chen, K.; Hu, L.; Ma, H.; Wang, P.; Zhang, Q. C.; Zhou, X.; He, C. Keth-seq for transcriptome-wide RNA structure mapping. Nat. Chem. Biol. 2020, 16, 489-492. [Link to article]


New Discoveries with KAS-seq:

Wu, T.; Lyu, R.; He, C.; spKAS-seq reveals R-loop dynamics using low-input materials by detecting single-stranded DNA with strand specificity. Sci. Adv., 2022, 8(48). [Link to article]

Marinov, G.K.; Kim, S.H.; Bagdatli, S.T.; Trevino, A.E.; Tycko, J.; Wu, T.; Bintu, L.; Bassik, M.C.; He, C.; Kundaje, A.; Greenleaf, W.J. Direct profiling of genome-wide dCas9 and Cas9 specificity using ssDNA mapping (CasKAS). bioRxiv, 2021.04.16.440202. [Link to article]

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