Azide kethoxal (N3-kethoxal)

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Azide kethoxal, or N3-kethoxal, reacts with guanosines in single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) and single-stranded RNA (ssRNA). This molecule is a dicarbonyl, depicted here in its hydrate form, which is its predominate form in biological assays. AccuraDX holds the exclusive license to the molecule, which was invented at The University of Chicago. AccuraDX draws on KAS-seq and keth-seq expertise for N3-kethoxal synthesis and chemical characterization for its optimal stability and reproducibility.

AccuraDX N3-kethoxal is formulated for your ssDNA and ssRNA labeling needs in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) at both 500 mM and 1 M concentrations. To follow the KAS-seq and keth-seq protocols, AccuraDX recommends the 500 mM solution. For other exciting applications of N3-kethoxal, consider the 1 M solution, coming soon. If you have custom N3-kethoxal concentration needs, please contact AccuraDX.

Recommended storage conditions: Aliquot into small volumes based on your experimental needs and store at -20 C.